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Beijing Gong'an Yongtai Emergency Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise established in 2009. The company's research and development base is located at No. 18-D6050 Industrial Base, Jianshe Road, Liangxiang Town, Fangshan District, Beijing, China. They are Hebei Tangshan Caofeidian High-tech Development Zone, Shenzhen High-tech Development Zone, and Ningxia Zhongwei Industrial Park.

Based on the enterprise tenet of “reducing disasters for the people, sharing the worry for the government, promoting the construction of ecological civilization and building green fire safety services”, the company takes the leading scientific research level, cutting-edge expert team and advanced production equipment as the basis for enterprise development. Seven years of hard work and struggle, breaking through a number of technical problems, successfully developed a new generation of "fire ice" fire extinguishing products that integrate high-efficiency fire-extinguishing functions, environmental protection functions, high-efficiency flame retardant, etc., which are non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

In 2015, the company invested 500 million yuan to build a domestic first-class professional fire protection product research and development demonstration base and production and manufacturing demonstration base. This strategic measure marks the company's early stage of research and development, is moving to large-scale production, in-depth research and development, product marketing. The integration of technical services has developed in depth, and enterprises are in the development stage of transition to large-scale fire-fighting enterprises. The company plans to further introduce hardware facilities and improve high-level technology research and development teams to provide strong technical support and quality assurance for the "Fire Ice" products to lead the environmental fire extinguishing agent market.

Corporate purposes

Provide safe and reliable fire station service for the society and the people. Build a green, safe and convenient fire protection concept.

Business wish

Let "fire ice" become the umbrella of people's lives and property.

Enterprise spirit

Do not forget the beginning of the industry

Business philosophy

Never sell any product that is unqualified.